Hoovler Industries

Welcome! My name is Brian Hoovler. I’m a solo indie developer based out of Seattle, Washington.

My Games

Brian’s Soccer Simulator

A text-based soccer league simulation with fully customizable players, teams and leagues. The game comes with 3 leagues and 55 teams.

What’s Left Behind

‚ÄčIt has been 20 years since a plague ravaged the planet. The dead rose to shamble across the dense urban expanses and vast plains around the globe. Cities crumbled and humanity retreated into their last safe bastions to fend off the relentless hordes. In the preceding decades, most of the hordes have rotted away and the time has come for humanity to strike out again and reclaim what was lost. You have been chosen to lead a small party into the wasteland, clear away the rubble of what were once thriving metropolises, and raise a new settlement in its place. Can you help humanity to recover and rebuild from what’s left behind?